Solve It…Escape Rooms

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60 Minutes


One Team,

One Mission,

One Way Out...



Will you be able to Solve it?

Operation: Rudolph

​Rudolph has gone missing!!!

Help Santa and his elves find Rudolph before it's too late

and Christmas is ruined.


Rumors have it that Coach K. may have stolen something that is extremely valuable to your school.

Do you have what it takes to sneak into your rival school and take back what's rightfully yours?

Opposing Forces
Dual Challenge

Which team has what it takes

to uncover the mystery of the room first?

Two Teams, Two Separate Rooms.

One Ultimate Goal.

Who will emerge victorious?

Opposing Forces
Onyx or Ivory

Where are you?  How did you get here?

Is this some sort of test?

Can you uncover the mystery

of this room?

Or will you struggle and oppose your every logical move?



We went as a team bonding event and had a dual challenge. Parents vs Teammates and coach.  The parents lost but managed to escape anyhow. I highly recommend you try it out!” 

Meredith S. (Facebook)

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The Vodafone Team outing was a huge success. I have to say personally it’s The best Escape Room I’ve been to yet and most challenging one by far is Redemption Room!

Great job and state of the art Escape facility

Richard G.

Probably one of the best escape rooms I've done.  Although we didn't solve it, the amount of thought, effort and design for each room and puzzles were well done.  A great place for birthdays, date nights, and team bonding.

Monica F. (Facebook)

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What's an Escape Room?

An escape room is the fun new trend

captivating minds throughout the country.

It is a live-action team-based adventure game in which players become immersed in a "themed" room and must use the elements around them to solve a series of puzzles, unravel clues and complete a mission before time runs out!!!

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