Operation: Rudolph


Twas the hour before Christmas

And all thru Santa's shop,

The elves were hard at work

There was no time to stop.

However, earlier in the day,

Something was the matter,

Rudolph could not be found

Not even his pitter patter.

How will Santa deliver his gifts,

Without Rudolph's bright light?

Christmas will be ruined,

And forever out of sight.

Can you help the elves find Rudolph

Before time runs out?

Look around Santa's shop

And All throughout.

Room Occupancy: 4 to 8 players

Opposing Forces


You have woken up in a room where everything around you has completely changed.

You don't know how you ended up there.

But the one thing you do know is that nothing around you seems to make any sense. 

Is this a test?  Why are you here?

There are hidden secrets within the room that can transform you back to reality.

Will you work together to uncover the mystery of this room?

Or will you struggle and oppose your every logical move?

Just remember, everything that happens in this mysterious room is never just black and white.

Opposing Forces

Room Occupancy: 2 to 7 players

Opposing Forces  Ivory

Room Occupancy: 2 to 6 players


It's the Championship game for the

Mountain High Moguls.

​Your school will be going up against your long-time rival, Valley State Venom.

However, rumors have it, Professor and Head Coach

Richard Kannon may have stolen the one thing he knows

your school needs to beat them...


Can you and other members of your school sneak into his office and take back what's rightfully yours?

Room Occupancy: 4 to 8 players

Dual Challenge


Go head to head in this ultimate challenge. 

Compete against your friends or against other guests in this

one of a kind experience.

Will your team have what it takes to beat the clock and beat the other team?

2 Teams

2 Separate Rooms

1 Ultimate Goal

Who will emerge victorious?

Room Occupancy: 6 to 12 players

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